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I just randomly tackle people in the streets when it suits me. When I met with the director of Captain America [out July 22], I hadn't seen the script, and I had to go meet him, and we spoke for like an hour. With a lot of those big films, they'll do that instead of an audition — and I prefer them, because I love a chat. I've found the messier the meeting gets, the more successful.

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Yes, Jim Caviezel was Jesus in the film, Passion of the Christ , a role that comes along once in a life time. After their meeting, Mr. What was your meeting like? What moved me the most about him was that he gets out of the way and allows God to come through. He speaks from his heart. Q: We understand a Billy Graham television special had a real impact on you.

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Calm, calculated and modest, Kerri Browitt Caviezel is a British woman who became a known face around America and Britain after getting married to Jim Caviezel, a famous American actor known for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ, an American biblical drama which became a hit around the world. A simple woman, Kerri is mostly behind the scenes while her husband takes to the big screens to thrill movie lovers. However, it is noteworthy that even though she is known for being the wife of Jim Caviezel, she has also been able to build a career as a teacher and has done well for herself. We gathered and presented some facts about the British woman for your reading pleasure. The exact date in which Kerri Browitt Caviezel was born has remained vague over the years.
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