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Hermione gets up to all sorts of wild things. Various pairings, PWP, do not read if underage! You have been warned! After successfully dodging them for the first two weeks of term, Hermione was asked last minute to do a prefect patrol with Blaise Zabini, the new Slytherin sixth year prefect after Malfoy had decided that being a prefect was a waste of his time. They'd patrolled most of the fifth floor when Hermione was surprised to find herself being pulled into a broom cupboard by the tall Italian. You think Draco and Theo didn't tell me how good a shag you are?

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Ron Refuses - Harry potter and the odor of his Penis — CHYOA

Everything was going fine, this morning I did my daily routine brushed my hair, clean my teeth, washed my face, got dressed, went to work, came home, made dinner and went to bed. I always did this every day for me and Ron, our life was simple and fun, but lately it was getting boring like he wasn't interested in me no more. I asked him numerous of times, what was going on but he said it was nothing, our sex life barely happened I haven't had sex in months I was craving it a lot but I mainly had to pleasure myself when I could. Until one day I came home early due to feeling unwell and for some reason, I heard a weird nose coming from mine and Ron's bedroom I creeped closer not making any sound and saw the door was opened a bit and there he was fucking another girl both at it hard.

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Sunday, 12 August Hermione's Great Adventure. Onto the story. She was lying naked on her bed, her legs spread widely. She had been so horny all day. Her clit was aching, throbbing for relief, for the feel of a hard cock stuck up her tight, wet cunt.

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